Zweigart 27 count patterned evenweave fabric


Vintage Zweigart even weave fabric with a pattern of small textured woven squares (3/4 inch each, not stitchable) surrounding a square of 27 count plainweave. This fabric was made in the 1980s and early 1990s and long discontinued. 5″ squares with 3-1/2″ plain weave centers and 2″ of plain weave between them. 10 squares across the 72″ width. Remaining stock is a single length slightly longer than 1-1/2 yards.

This is a blended fabric, about 50/50 rayon and cotton, imported from Germany. The cream-colored  fabric is quite thick and heavy, with a lovely drape and smooth round threads, and would be perfect for table linens and bell pulls. It’s the same type of fabric as Rimini but I don’t know the name of this pattern. Old shop stock in new condition.