vintage Czech 5x8mm rose-gold teardrop crystal beads

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A vintage treasure– old stock faceted crystal teardrops from the Czech Republic, still on the original strings! The color is a transparent pinky-beige half-coated with coppery-gold metallic. They measure about 5mm wide by 8mm long (approx. 3/8 x 5/8 inch) but they do vary slightly, and some are a little shorter and fatter. The metallic coating shows slight age wear, resulting in an almost freckled effect like an old mirror; otherwise the condition is very good.

Each string is 15-1/2 inches long with 50 crystal teardrops. Each bead is drilled through lengthwise from top to bottom.

Because of the lead content in the crystal, you’ll want to avoid using these on items intended for use by children.

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