vintage 1950s Sunbonnet Ladies hand embroidered & appliqued quilt top


Vintage 1950s quilt top with the popular Sunbonnet Ladies (also called Parasol or Crinoline Ladies) motif worked in appliqué with accents of embroidery and a pretty light purple border. Cotton fabric in a lovely variety of vintage prints and patterns. Sunbonnet Ladies panels are about 8 by 11 inches with a 3-1/2 inch border. Overall size is 73 by 107 inches.

Excellent unused condition, appears to have been complete and packed away all this time. The hand stitching of the appliqué is very well done with neat, tiny stitches; the piecing was done by machine. Important note: this is an unfinished quilt– this top layer is complete (and could be used for another project)– and it does not have a backing or fill layer.

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