Reverie nylon ribbon yarn hanks


Embroiderers and needlepointers know this yarn as Caron Collections’ Rachel and Rainbow Gallery’s Flair. It’s also the base of my Confetti yarn. You can run a metallic thread through the opening to create your own colors of Confetti, Rachelette or Frosty Rays.

Reverie is a tubular but flat ribbon yarn about 1/4″ wide and open in the center. 100% nylon with a semi-sheer “pantyhose” texture, nice luster and a slight sheen. These are large commercial hanks weighing 9 ounces with approximately 2000 yards each. You’ll need to wind the yarn into balls or onto cones to use it, or for embroidery/needlepoint, you can cut the hank once for working length strands.

Handwash or dryclean, finished garments can be machine washed on gentle cycle. This yarn also dyes beautifully and can be boiled. Made and dyed in Italy.