Renaissance Embroidery Patterns: 50 Designs from 16th Century Sources


Edited by Rudolf Eitleberger von Edelberg, this collection of 16th century design plates were copied in 1880 from the originals held in museum collections across Europe, and reprinted by the Austrian Museum. These 50 pattern plates from six, sixteenth century originals were selected by the museum as some of the finest examples created for the lacemaking industry.

Most remarkable was that the museum hired artists to meticulously copy the worn and tattered originals, restoring missing or damaged portions by redrawing them, to offer high quality, precisely accurate images for replication.

These pages were copied from Pagano’s 1563 La Gloria, Bindoni’s 1540 Il Monte, Quentell’s 1544 Neues Kunststichmodelbuch and his 1545 Neue kunstiche modelbuch, and Pagano’s 1563 Fior di Virtu and 1568 Trionfo di virtu.

The 30 plates of line drawings are invaluable inspiration for illustrators and embroiderers, and the 20 plates of charted designs (originally intended for lacis and other lacemaking techniques) are a universal language easily interpreted by modern needlepointers and cross stitchers for their own usage.

My translation of the original introduction from German into English is included; it’s an interesting essay describing both the history of the embroidery pattern industry and the process behind the publication of this collection.


The charted patterns are reproduced from the original antiques, and some signs of age and wear will be visible. Antique printing processes were not as clear and accurate as the charts modern stitchers are accustomed to using, and these are not recommended for novice needleworkers. No specific projects are offered, and are intended to be used for your own creations.

8-1/2 by 11 inch softcover book with 55 pages.

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