modern sterling silver “spool knave” SOLD

About 20 years ago REO was creating some very nice sterling silver reproductions of Victorian sewing accessories. This lovely item is called a “spool knave” and was used to prevent a spool of precious silk thread from rolling away and becoming lost or soiled.

It’s about 2-5/8′ wide at the bottom and 2″ high, with the loop at top adding another 1/8.” The floral patterned silverwork on the handle and top is pierced in places and about 1/16″ thick– solid silver, not hollow so it’s heavier than it looks.


There’s a loop at the top so it could be added to a chatelaine or strung on a chain. I’ve shown it with a spool of DMC Fil d’Or metallic thread, although I think a spool of sewing thread would fit better.

It’s in new condition although it’s a vintage item dating from the mid-1980s. I can envision this worn as a pendant.