c1920 church lace panel with traditional geometric patterns

This circa 1920 lace panel was once part of a church altar cloth. It’s made up of a series of squares, each filled with a geometric design– if you were to look at a lace pattern book from the 1500s, you’d see these same arrangements. It measures about 3-1/2″ wide by 56″ long with 16 squares. There is approximately 1/2″ of plain weave cotton muslin fabric on the two long sides, beyond the lace.

It was most likely made on a hand-cranked sewing machine– so, while it’s technically “machine-made” a skilled needleworker actually sat and guided the machine to mimic buttonhole lace; very different from the automated machinery of today.

In excellent condition, free of breaks or damage, with a few faint storage smudges. Can be hand washed and laid flat to dry.