c1900 silver over copper Art Nouveau needle case


This small silverplate-over-copper needle case in the Art Nouveau style dates from around 1900. Some of the silver has worn away from the high points of the raised patterning allowing the rosy copper metal to peek through. It’s a rather pretty effect that accents the the bands around the necks of both sections and the straight lines that follow the length of the case.

The case measures 2-1/8″ long by 3/8″ across the widest section. The condition has many small flaws including worn spots, tiny dents and a minute split at the edge of the cap seam. One side is better than the other (I’ve shown the worse side!). Despite these flaws, the pieces fit together snugly and case is still very usable. At this price you won’t be afraid to toss it into your workbag and use it on a daily basis.

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