c1900 set of bone sewing tools in accordian-style leather case SOLD

This unusual leather sewing case has a surprise inside– there’s a deep accordian-pleated hidden section under the fitted tray full of bone handled tools! The bone tools include three awls or stilettos, a tiny knife (for trimming threads), a ribbon bodkin and a tiny steel crochet hook; all appear to be original to the set. Tucked inside the lid are two carved bone thread winders: a classic shield-shape and a 6-pointed star (the star has a missing tip to one point). The bottom compartment holds a sleek silvery needle case and small, sharp scissors (neither have any markings).

The case measures 2-3/4″ wide by 4″ long and about 1″ high (2″ high extended). The knotted leather handle adds another half inch. The case is covered in light tan fine grain leather and accented with etched brass fittings; the interior is lined with blue silk and a deeper blue velvet. The closure works easily and securely. It’s all in excellent condition.