c1900 metallic lace & petit point needlepoint tablecloth

This unusual tablecloth is made of metallic gold lace with a center of needlepoint flowers on a fine soft mesh, similar to a modern silk gauze. I think it dates from around 1900 but it could be 20 years older or newer, and was most likely the project of a creative needleworker, as I don’t think it was commercially made.

The lace has a high metal content as it’s slightly tarnished with a section that has has darkened. The central area lies flat and the outer edge has a slight gather. In the larger ruffle there are a few sections with broken “brides” or connecting threads– I’ve spread them apart so that they are more visible but they’re not actually holes, and are not very noticeable in the drape of the cloth. There are some small areas of damage but the fabric is still very soft and sturdy.

The center section is about 8″ round and the diameter is about 32″ across.