c1890s J & P Coats small 3 drawer thread spool cabinet

This small, antique thread spool cabinet was a shop display in the late 1900s or early 20th century with three drawers holding J. & P. Coats sewing thread spools for customers to make selections from. This is the very first one I’ve had that wasn’t solid wood, most likely because the lighter weight ones didn’t survive the wear and tear of daily retail trade. The body of the cabinet appears to be paper over thin wooden board or something like particle board/pressed wood. Each divided cardboard drawer has an ornate brass metal pull; the printing on the drawers is very dark and faded. The top has a large printed logo.

The wooden frame of the cabinet has warped especially on the left side where it gaps. The edges and corners are quite worn and some of the leatherette paper covering is missing. The drawers open easily. It is still in generally good shape and can be used, but I would caution against expecting daily use rather than occasional use!

Dimension are 11-1/2″ across by 8-1/2″ deep and 5″ high. The drawers are 1-1/4″ deep with two 5-1/4″ wide sections and 8″ deep.