c1890 sterling and silver metal chain link chatelaine brooch with tools


This late 19th century metal brooch-style chatelaine is the most modern style I’ve seen! The chain links of the silver-plated brooch are as large as my thumb-tip and extremely heavy, but unmarked; it has loops for 5 chains with one chain missing. The other four chains have attached tools– they include a sleek, modern sterling silver thimble case which has an unidentified maker’s mark; a strawberry form emery with a sterling silver leaf-form cap; a sterling silver Aiken Lambert needle case with engraved scrollwork and monogram; and a sterling silver Gorham ruler (calibrated in inches) inside a sterling case impressed “CHARLES W. WHARTON. LOGAN, PHILA.”

The general condition is very good. The fabric covering on the strawberry emery is worn to threads but it’s still quite solid. I think the thimble case and ruler are original to the chatelaine, and possibly the strawberry. The needle case is definitely an addition; it has an elaborate script “MR” monogram and swirling leaf-motif engraved patterns all over the surface.

The brooch is about 3-3/4″ wide with links about 7/8″ high by 1-1/4″ wide, and the pin on the back is sturdy and closes securely.  The needle case is about 2-1/2″ long. The strawberry emery is a little over an inch high with the metal cap adding another half inch. The ruler is absolutely gorgeous and unfolds to 12″; the case is about 3-1/8″ long. The length from the top of the brooch to the bottom of the needle case is about 9″ in total.

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