c1890 E.S. Barnsley sterling scissors sheath w/ chatelaine chain SOLD

An ornately chased sterling silver scissors sheath on a chatelaine chain, this was made in England by E. S. Barnsley Co. around 1900. It measures 2-1/2-inches long by 5/8-inch wide across the opening and 5/16-inch deep. The chain is original and adds nearl 4-inches to the height.

It’s in excellent condition with only one shallow dent on the rim of the opening. The hallmark E.S.B. is located just under the rim above the scrollwork. A short, straight-bladed style of scissors will be the best fit.


Sometimes these are mistakenly called tussie-mussies or flower holders although items intended for that use are rounder, where a scissors sheath is shallower than it is wide (a scissors would fall out of a round holder). You could still use this as a pendant to hold a sprig of small flowers, though, worn on a  chain around the neck.