c1890 CS&S gold-filled needle case w/ chatelaine chain SOLD

This gold-filled (over sterling silver) needle case was made by Cornelius, Saunders & Shepherd in London around 1890.Their hallmarks appear on both sides of the neck of the case’s body.

This case features a cap that slides on a chatelaine chain so you’ll never lose it! The case with the cap on measures 2-3/8 inches long and the body is 3/4 inch wide. The chain adds another 1-3/4 inches to the overall height. It’s quite large and will hold a lot of needles.

The condition is very good except for the gilding having worn off on many of the high points of the deep relief pattern, allowing the silver to show through for a two-tone effect. It’s in excellent shape structurally¬† and the cap slides smoothly. Even the chain is original. It’s sturdy enough that you could wear it on a chain like a pendant.