c1890 bone & German silver 6-inch folding rule


Stunning 19th century natural bone (domestic cow or ox) miniature folding rule (ruler, in modern lingo), possibly once part of an architect or draftsman’s tool set (although his wife may have snagged it for her sewing kit!). The hinge and end caps are German silver, and both the silver and the bone have lovely patina. It’s just slightly over 3″ long when folded and 3/8″ wide; opened, it’s 6″ long and 3/16″ wide. The hinge works perfectly. I can’t find any markings or identification, but it’s in a nice, sturdy vintage jeweler’s box from Northampton MA and these rules were often American-made.

The condition is excellent and the bone has both beautiful color and lovely graining. The only flaw is a bit of discoloration around two of the metal pins near the hinge, but that simply means they appear a little darker than the others. The markings (inch, quarter and eights) are clear and easy to read. This is a treasure with many more generations of use left in it.

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