c1885 carved bone umbrella needle case w/ & stanhope Souvenir of Brighton


This elaborate 19th century bone umbrella-form needle case is topped with a Stanhope viewer held in a clenched fist. The needle case is carved from light bone (cow or ox) with a soft ivory-toned patina– the bone has very fine graining. Inside the closed hand is a Stanhope viewer with a multiple panel image labeled “Souvenir of Brighton” featuring “The Aquarius Electric Car” (built in 1884) and four different Piers.

The condition is very good; even the crenellated arches at the top of the umbrella are very crisply detailed. There is a small section near the umbrella tip where the grain is coarser and has some shallow flaking. The threaded screw closure still works smoothly. Circa 1885. 4-1/2″ long overall.

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