c1870 Avery “Quadruple Golden Casket” brass butterfly needle case

In 1867 William Avery developed an ingenious pop-up brass needlecase that could hold four packages of needles. “The Quadruple Golden Casket” is stamped on the outside above the highly embossed butterfly. The needles are stored inside four small compartments– by using the little button at the bottom, a lever is activated to raise the selected size of needles.

The case is stamped on the bottom to indicate the size of needles it holds; 6 and 7 on the front and 8 and 9 on the backside. It is also stamped with the makers’ name, W. Avery & Son Redditch. Solid brass. It’s in excellent condition and measures about 2-3/4″ high by 1-1/4″ wide with a depth of about 1/2″.