c1860s Berlin work needlepoint hunting dogs

Scenic needlepoint tapestries of this sort became popular during the second half of the 19th century, with this one dating from between 1850–1870. It’s exceptionally well executed and very detailed; the stitching is very nice, with the dogs worked in petit-point (splitting the woven canvas threads to produce smaller stitches) contrasting against the larger background stitches. I’ve only seen a Gobelin-type stitch used for the background a few times– another example is the tea-time tapestry I currently have in the shop. The basket at the  lower right corner has bands of random, long satin stitches for a textured effect. It’s entirely stitched with wool threads.

Condition is excellent. I cannot find any damage or flaws in the stitching (although the work has not been examined out of the frame) and the frame is solid and ready to hang. There are two small dents in the frame which do not detract from the overall effect. The threads have retained their colors nicely and there is no thread loss.

The frame measures 20-1/4″wide  by 16-1/2″ high, with the needlework area being 15-1/2″ wide by 11-3/4″ high.