c1860 large mother of pearl thread winder etched w/ a sunflower


Lovely lustrous thread winder hand carved from natural mother of pearl, this treasure dates from around 1860. The etching is exceptionally fine and detailed on both sides and the winder is much larger than most.

This winder measures 1-3/8-inches across. Each arm (on both sides) is delicately incised with a 4-petal flower and vine pattern. The central circle on one side is filled with a larger sunflower-like spray within a circle. The reverse side center is blank. This was made in Canton, most likely for the Western market and may have been part of a set.

The condition is excellent, with only a few tiny pin-point sized nicks along the edges; you can see them under magnification but they’re scarcely visible otherwise. It has a beautiful, almost iridescent luster.

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