c1860 carved bone fish form needle case SOLD

This whimsical 19th century natural bone needle case is carved in the shape of a fish! It measures about 3-3/4″ long and 1/2″ wide. Carved details create the effect of scales; the eyes are incised and painted red. The stopper end has a hole that would have originally contained a Stanhope viewer (you would peer through the hole and be delighted by a famous scenic photo) but will now allow you to add a chain or ribbon to wear the needlecase as a necklace or hang from a chatelaine.

Overall this case is very sturdy and the details are sharp; you can even see the tiny teeth in the fish’s mouth! The stopper screws in easily and snugly. There is damage to the stopper on one side where the viewer was removed, and slight crazing to the bone on one side of the fish’s jaw.