c1840s Mexican Sampler borders Aztec stitch silk thread 21″ x 30″ stag lion birds pomegranates

Dating from the 1840s, this dramatic Mexican sampler is quite large and was worked with shiny filament silk thread on finely woven linen fabric. In addition to the typical cross and backstitches, herringbone stitches were used along with borders of satin stitches and openwork Aztec stitch. The sampler has the original fabric selvedge on the long left side with hemstitched edges on the other three sides. Motifs include carnation baskets, a large stag, a lion, birds and pomegranates.

The silks have retained their vivid colors and appear virtually the same as on the reverse; the denim blue shade has slightly uneven coloration that creates an overdyed effect. The overall condition is good with the following issues: 2 areas of darned repairs near the middle at the sides, above the birds and below the lion; a brown stain about the size of a quarter coin and a few streaks above the birds; some thread loss in the satin stitch borders and scattered small areas of wear to the ground fabric. It’s still quite sturdy and the linen is supple. Along the left side is an unfinished area without any stitching.

This sampler measures 21″ wide by 30″ high. It is unframed and will be shipped loosely folded with acid free tissue in a padded mailer. Shipping is included in the price. A signature will be required for delivery.