8mm round copper metal spangles/ SOLD OUT


These 8mm round metal Spangles measure approximately 5/16″ across. The close-up picture shows the spangles on top of 27-count evenweave fabric. “Copper” Spangles have a shiny finish.

Spangles are the “original” sequins– flat disks punched out of metal with a small drilled hole, similar to those used in medieval and ethnic embroideries. These have a somewhat rustic look, with mottled or slightly discolored surface finishes and sometimes off-center holes, but it’s all part of their charm as they were made in the old-fashioned way– being hand-punched out of a sheet of metal. You can allow them to age or spray your spangles with clear lacquer to preserve their finish.

Attach spangles to your needlework with a bead or pearl through the hole or stitch them down with three or four straight stitches from the outer edge down into the center hole; use them individually as accents or overlap them for a scaled effect.