19th century very large sewing bird clamp with canary


This unusual “Sewing Bird” dates from the second half of the 19th century; it’s much larger than most, weighing over 1 pound and featuring a gilded canary. These delightful accessories clamp to a table edge, and the bird’s beak opens to hold the fabric, making it easier to embroider. This sewing bird measures 10″ high overall; the bird measures 4-1/4″ by by 3/4″ across the body. The clamp has a dragon or sea monster riding the upper plate and the cup holding the pincushion is made to look like flower petals. The pincushion is about 1-3/4″ across and the velvet has faded to a dull gold.

The condition is good with very worn paint. The canary retains the golden coating, although it’s worn along the tail and top of the head. The screw-clamp work smoothly and there’s no damage to the metal structure. The gilding has worn off most of the clamp leaving it a silvery aluminum color, although traces of gold are still visible. The entire clamp appears to be made of brass. The bird’s mouth only opens a little, not nearly as wide as smaller sewing birds. No marker’s mark that I can find.

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