19th century silver sewing bird with green velvet cushions SOLD

“Sewing Bird” from the second half of the 19th century with two velvet-covered pincushions. These delightful accessories clamp to a table edge, and the bird’s beak opens to hold the fabric, making it easier to embroider. Most commonly, these were brass or gold-toned metal, but this one is silver-plated and lightly tarnished. Both pincushions have the original olive green velvet coverings, and I think the small one is actually an emery cushion.The stamp on the wings reads “PATENTED FEB 15 1853.”

The condition is excellent. Every inch of the metal is covered with intricate repouss√© patterns of floral and geometric motifs. The screw clamp works smoothly and the squeeze-hinge to open the bird’s mouth works easily. The only spot of roughness is the slight indent on one side of the bottom part of the clamp; I’m quite sure it’s part of the original mold as every bird I’ve seen has the same indent, but this may have missed the final buffing at that spot.

Overall, it measures 4-7/8″ high from the top pincushion to the bottom of the clamp; the bird is about 3-3/4″ long and 2″ across the wings.