19th century large vegetable ivory acorn form vinaigrette (used as a pin holder)


Antique acorn-form vinaigrette intricately carved from Coquille nut or “vegetable ivory” (the seed of a palm tree), dating from the second half of the 19th century. A “vinaigrette” held scent (such as cotton wadding soaked with perfume) to mask street odors or to refresh oneself after encountering noxious smells. This one had been repurposed by a needleworker to hold her straight pins! Quite large at 3″ high by 1-3/4″ across.

The exterior of the acorn case is in excellent condition with no visible damage. There is a fine crack in the inner rim (which looks to be bone or horn) that holds the perforated metal in place, but the crack does not prevent the top from screwing on securely.

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