19th century gilt chatelaine with mesh purse


Late 19th century gilt metal chatelaine with three linked chains; the plaque has both a solid waist clip and a ring at the top to allow it to be worn as a pendant. I am unable to decipher the elaborate, entwined monogram– it still bears some traces of the original gilt finish but both it and the chains appear more silver at this point. Overall length is 13″.

The three accessories are a “marriage” as in not a matched set and not original to the chatelaine. The 2-1/4″ high hinged memo book actually opens like a book with tiny paper pages and an even tinier wooden pencil with a matching metal knob at one end; its metal is gold-toned. The long oval item is likely an etui case and probably held a small thimble and a metal bobbin to wind thread onto, but it is empty. It’s a slightly orange, almost coppery gold tone and both the color and the engraved patterns match the cap on the delightful expanding purse. The mesh purse is about 4″ high and the neck expands to open very wide. Both close securely.

Very good condition overall with expected signs of use; gilt finish has worn off the monogram plaque, the memo book has scuffs and wear particularly on the back. The purse cap has wear to the finish on top with one tiny ring  pulled loose from the mesh body and one ring replaced with a ring of dark grey metal.

No hallmarks found. This item will require a signature at delivery.

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