1980s vintage Battenburg Lace women’s shawl collar


Dramatic vintage white Battenburg lace shawl collar; I purchased this in the 1980s and it’s been packed away ever since. It’s made for an adult, and quite extravagantly large; the 100% cotton lace was handmade in China. Battenburg Lace consists of fabric “tapes” (similar to ribbon) looped into patterns and held together with hand-stitched “brides” or bridges” (connecting stitches) and needlewoven Spiders-web motifs.

Measurements:13″ deep at the back of the neck, from top neckline to bottom edge. 16″ width across the shoulder area. Overall length is nearly 2 yards.

It’s in excellent, unused condition. The lace work is nicely done and quite fine for modern commercial work..

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