1970s very large Suzani embroidery on golden yellow silk 60″ by 105″


Vintage 1970s traditional Suzani embroidery with brilliant colors on a rich golden yellow silk fabric, quite large at 60″ by 105″ (shown on a queen bed). The main photo is most accurate for color. All four sides are bordered with a wide black ribbon-like trim, featuring an embroidered pattern similar to sashiko embroidery.

There are numerous small areas of damage but the fabric seems quite stable even around the holes. There are also areas where the lines hand drawn for the embroidery are clearly visible as they were not stitched over. The wool embroidery is in good condition although there are 2 areas of color bleed. The last photo shows a similar vintage Suzani used to upholster a chair.

This would be a stunning decorative bed covering, or a decorative wall hanging or there is plenty of usable fabric to repurpose as upholstery or pillow coverings.

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