1920s Art Deco Flapper embroidered hand painted bedspread


Very glam roaring 1920s Art Deco Flapper bedspread with both embroidered and hand painted embellishments. The color is a pale violet shade that changes with the light (sometimes more red-violet, sometimes more blue-violet) and because the fabric is a rather sheer, lightweight cotton, it looks lighter and brighter on a white background as shown in some images and more muted on black. There are two fabric seams along the length where the edges of a twin mattress would be, allowing for an overhang on the sides. Measures 63″ wide by 85″ long with a heavy fringe along all sides.

The embroidery is in very good condition as are the painted details. Fabric is also very good, with one tiny slub woven into the fabric at left of the flapper’s face– it’s visible in the photo closeup because it created a shadow but much less so in real life. It is shown on a queen bed and the fringed edge barely reaches the edges of the mattress.

I have hand washed and line dried the bedspread so it is clean and ready to use and enjoy.

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