1912 Hutterite sampler with rooster, pigeon & acorns

1912 sampler from an American Hutterite colony worked by a 15 year old– her initials “K S I” are repeated within the two stars and the floral wreath, along with the dates 1897 (her birth year) and 1912 (the year of the sampler). It’s worked with colorful wool yarns, some were thin enough to pull through the fabric easily, other colors are thicker tapestry-like wool that created lumpy stitches. The ground fabric is very soft, loosely woven linen in a pale cream color.

The condition is quite good and while the linen has a few scattered brownish stains, there are no holes or weak areas. The yarns have retained their original vivid colors and there’s no stitch loss. The sampler is hemmed on three sides and has woven selvedge on the right side.


The sampler measures 16″ high by 20″. It is unframed and will be shipped rolled in acid-free paper in a tube.