1880s German “Das Vater Unser” The Lord’s Prayer folio printed plates with stitched accents

Very unusual and elegant antique portfolio of religious prints, each one accented with a phrase hand-stitched on 20-count perforated paper (sometimes called “Bristol board” at the time).

“Das Vater Unser von Aug. Mahlmann” (The Lord’s Prayer) is a bright red leatherette portfolio dating from the last quarter of the 19th century, containing 7 gilt trimmed heavy card stock plates, each accented with silk thread embroidery. There are two additional plates (the title and last pages) which do not have embroidery.

The portfolio is in excellent condition with only two minor scuffs on the cover, and appears almost new. Inside, the plates are in very good condition with only a little discoloration that occurs mostly in the margins (which would be covered if framed) and does not affect the images. The needlework insertions, unfortunately have some splotched areas of discoloration most likely due to the glue that was used, which has dried and loosened the insertions. They could easily be mounted back in proper position with a modern acid-free glue, as they are inserted between two pieces of card stock and move freely.

Each plate measures about 9-1/4 by 11-1/2 inches with an image area of approximately 6×8. All text is in German. This is the only portfolio of it’s kind that I’ve ever seen.