1843 SLB motif & alphabet sampler

Colorful 19th century alphabet and motifs sampler dated 1843 worked by SLB, stitched with twisted silk thread on evenweave linen fabric. The classic format includes rows of alphabets across the upper half and arranged motifs and cartouches below. The thread colors have remained bright and lively.

Condition is generally very good. The vertical sides are the original fabric selvedge, the fabric has been trimmed across the top and bottom and has a fringed effect. No stitch loss except at the top where the fabric has unraveled. No holes, small scattered areas of light discoloration. There are remnants of silk ribbon along along the top and bottom edges that has deteriorated, so the edges may have been bound at an earlier time.

The sampler is 13-1/4″ wide by 12-1/4″ high. It is mounted onto a suede cloth-covered mat and backed with foam board– it is only attached at the four corners (possibly by a dot of adhesive) with the rest of piece loose. Ready to frame and hang.