1835 Jane Tandeson Scottish house, birds & figures sampler


This 19th century Scottish house sampler by Jane Tandeson is dated 1835 and features a classic red and green color scheme, possibly from the Dundee region. The top row is paired family initials (RA JA EA RA LA JA); below that is “Jane Tandeson Aged 12 Y(ears) 1835. The verse stitched in blue reads “And So To Count Our Days That We Our Hearts Sway Still Apply To Learn They Wisdom And Thy Truth That We May Live Thereby.”

Motifs include pine trees, songbirds, peacocks and a rooster! The large brick house at the bottom includes male and female figures in 18th century costume and their dog. Border is a classic meandering strawberry pattern. All colors are fine wool thread on light golden tan linen. Cross stitches are used throughout, with pulled eyelets and four-sided stitch used for borders; the large floral motif at bottom left uses long satin stitches to fill in the flower petals. Please click on the images and then click again to enlarge them.

Condition is generally very good with some minor issues: slight color fade, small holes in the ground fabric at each upper corner, some small areas of thread loss and loose thread in the satin stitch floral motif at bottom left. The narrow frame is light maple with some small scuffs and is in good condition and ready to hang.

The sampler measures 11-1/2″ wide by 22″ high. It will be shipped in a box, and a signature will be required at delivery.  Shipping within the USA is included in the price, and will be billed separately for overseas customers.

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