1832 Ann Pearson aged 14 English sampler with Queen’s stitch and Bargello

This very large English sampler features classic alphabets, borders and a religious verse along with unusual patchwork-like blocks of textured stitchery, including Queen’s stitches, Bargello/Flamestitch, pulled cross stitches, Rice stitches, pulled square Eyelet stitches and chain stitch worked in zig-zag rows to create a Bargello effect. The text below the alphabet reads ” Ann Pearson the Daughter of John and Sarah Pearson aged 14 years 1832.”

The verse reads “The wise the just the pious and the brave Live in their deaths and flourish from the grave Grain id in earth repays the peasants care And ev’ning suns but set to rise more fair.” The bottom line reads “Ann Pearson finished this work september 20th 1832.” Fine wool thread was used on linen evenweave fabric with twisted silk thread for the dark brown lettering. The archaic long form “s” that looks like an “f” is used throughout.

The condition is generally very good. The light areas on the ground fabric are the result of paper residue on the reverse, from when a backing cardboard was glued in place previously. No holes but some stitch loss to the wool, most noticeable in the Bargello square on the left side. Top and bottom edges are hemstitched with selvedge on the sides. Most thread colors have retained their vibrancy but a few have faded to be very close the fabric color. It’s mounted on the original wooden bars with nail; a few modern metal staples have been added.

The sampler measures 17-1/2″ wide by 16″ high. It is unframed and will be shipped in a box.  A signature will be required at delivery.  Shipping within the USA is included in the price, and will be billed separately for overseas customers.