1830s Mary Kimber Aged 6 sampler with morbid verse flower bouquet & trees

1830s silk on linen sampler by Mary Kimber Aged 6 years, remarkably detailed with very fine stitching especially for such a young child. The pale cream linen fabric is almost gauze-like, very sheer with a high thread count. It’s hemmed at top and bottom with the original woven selvedge featuring 2 black lines along the sides. I suspect this is of American origin.

Stitches are mostly cross stitches with some free (non-counted) embroidery in the bouquet of flowers and satin sttches in the pink and red zig zag band near the middle.

The verse reads “Time! what an empty Vapour ’tis! And days how swift they are! Swift as an Indian Arrow flies, Or like a shooting star. Our Life is ever on the Wing, And Death is ever nigh; The Moment when our Lives begin, We all begin to die.”

Condition is generally fair. While there is quite a bit of damage along the edges and scattered small holes to the ground fabric, the fabric is sturdy and supple, not at all brittle. The silk threads have retained their colors nicely and there is no thread loss. Despite the holes, it’s very pretty and delicate and. once mounted on matching linen the damage will be much less visible.

The sampler measures 13″ wide by 13-1/2″ high.