1840s small sampler with peacock, camel, dog & bird SOLD

This unusual small sampler dates to about 1840, and features a camel in addition to the more typical peacock, dog and bird motifs– the first camel I’ve ever heard of on a sampler! it’s also unusually small at 8″ square. The top rows are a classic alphabet and numbers, as well as a sawtooth border and a row of quilt-like star motifs.

A twisted silk thread was used throughout and can be seen clearly in the satin stitches used for parts of the sawtooth border.The colors are all quite soft but not faded; the black-brown thread used for the outer border and tiny dog at the bottom has stained the backing fabric (the dye used for this color was corrosive and age and moisture would cause it to “bleed” out). The thread is in good shape without any missing stitches. No name or date was stitched into the sampler, but I think it may be American.

There are 4 small holes about 1/16″ to 1/8″ round in the outer border near the frame but they are not immediately apparent and do not detract.

The sampler measures 8″ square with the frame making it about 9-3/8″. The frame is relatively modern with an easel back, and is a dark mahogany stained wood, darker than it appears in the photos. Shipping is included in the price. This item will require a signature on delivery. SOLD