1802 Elisabeth Haig age 15 schoolgirl sampler with geometric motifs, birds & flowers

Very early 19th century English schoolgirl sampler by 15 year old Elisabeth Haig dated 1802. A traditional foliate border surrounds symmetrical groupings of flowers, crowns, baskets, peacocks, a songbird and unusual geometric motifs. Across the top is a complete alphabet border with a row of family initials underneath. All colors are twisted silk thread on light tan evenweave linen fabric. The color palette is atypically limited and rather muted.

Written on the paper on the back of the sampler is: “Received from Geraldine (Missy) Sutphen (daughter of Gerald Paulmier from her adopted daughter Mary, Sharon Lynn Bailey-Sutton Paulmier– September 2002 Wife of William Kyte Paulmier, grandson of Gerald Paulmier.”

Condition is fair to poor with substantial loss to the ground fabric, particularly along the border. Most of the stitching is intact except, again in the outer border. Scattered losses to ground fabric in between motifs. Proper mounting with matching linen fabric underneath would dramatically improve the appearance of this sampler. The soft blue-green shade has “crocked” or bled color from the silk thread onto the fabric, creating a “halo” effect around some areas.

The sampler measures 13-1/2″ wide by 13-1/4″ high. The black painted frame has some age, probably 1940s, bearing the remnant of a sticker from a Montclair NJ framing shop; it is scuffed with some wear but solid and ready to hang. The brown paper on the back is newer, probably circa 2002. This sampler has not been examined of of the frame.

This sampler will be carefully wrapped and packed in a box. A signature will be required at delivery.