1756 Susanna Dorothea Reigl antique “modelbuch”


Dated 1756-1761 antique “modelbuch” of charted patterns for lace-making and needlework by Susanna Dorothea Riegl Neues und zum Stricken dienliches Modelbuch printed in Nuremberg, Germany. Approximately 7 by 9 inches overall.

5 parts assembled into book form in the 19th century; originally, these were most likely individual portfolios. 4 engraved titles, with 41 engraved plates (2 folding) of embroidery patterns, part 5 is missing the title page with 3 additional plates also presumed lacking, There is scattered soiling and staining, especially to parts 4 and 5. Bound with sheep leather cover, the spine is gilt stamped, edges are red-stained; many pages are stained and worn. The parchment is still quite soft and supple, not at all brittle, and with wide margins, much of the staining avoids the printed area.

Susanna Dorothea Riegl (or Riegel, Rieglin), was a craftswoman who specialized in knitting, embroidery, and needlework. She was married to the Nuremberg bookseller and publisher Christoph Riegl. After his death, she continued the publishing business.

Most know copies are incomplete, and only one other copy known to have 45 plates was sold at auction in 1984. The V&A Museum has a partial copy in their collections.

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